I may not be picture-perfect, but my destinations always are.


I’m Björn Johansson. A former creative director, radio host and public speaker from Sweden. Having traveled all over Europe for my speaking tours, I decided to level up and see the rest of the world. I travel together with my fiancée Marcy and we try to portray our encounters with vivid words and colorful footage. Experiencing new cultures makes me grow as a person, and I’m always eager to pack for a new destination to learn some more.

My current work as a freelance online strategist makes it possible for me to work remotely and plan my work day after my trips, not the other way around. And as my Instagram account has skyrocketed (hey, I must be doing something right?), I’m happy to be the go-to guy when it comes to both travel and social media strategy.

Interested in collaborations? I can help you set strategies, connect your brand with the right influencers, create content about your business or share your story with my audience. Follow this link to get more familiar with my work.