Ever been jealous of those who cuddle with koalas and take cool kangaroo selfies?

Getting close with Aussie animals in the wild isn’t difficult at all, you just need patience and some small items to win the hearts of your new friends.

The Phillip Island Boardwalk.


The Great Ocean Road, preferably the area around Cape Otway.

What to bring?
A bottle of water.

I dreamt of cuddling with a koala ever since I was a kid, so one of the first things I did arriving in Australia was to take this picture on Wildlife Hamilton Island. However the most beautiful encounters are probably the ones out in the very wild. Now, to get up close with a koala might be a challenge, as they sleep 20 hours a day up in a tall tree and basically don’t like doing anything else but to eat eucalyptus and drink water. But on a really hot day, even the koala is thirstier than usual.

Go to a place where you see a couple of koalas. Focus on those who are awake. If you see them looking for something, make sure they see you and your bottle of water. Pour a couple of drops of your water down on the ground so they clearly see you have it. Sit down on the ground with the bottle and wait for them to approach you.







Kangaroo / wallaby

All over Australia. I tried Phillip Island and Pambula beach

What to bring?
Raw sweet potato wedges

Taking selfies with a wallaby or a kangaroo might not be tricky at all. You just need to find a place where the animals are fairly used to humans and bring some raw sweet potato wedges to buy their friendship.

Simply try to make contact with them without chasing them. Hold the sweet potato out and let them grab it with their own hands. I tried Phillip Island and Pambula Beach. The kangas were literally everywhere in Pambula. They were extremely used to people, as the area tends to get stuffed with camper vans during the season. But even though they are almost tame, have respect and don’t try any sudden moves as they can punch you pretty hard.

There are no hotels near Pambula Beach, so you need to lodge in Canberra and drive for 3 hours. Is this far from your route? No worries. This trick works anywhere in Australia. Just have patience.




Phillip Island

What to bring?
A selfie stick.

Phillip Island is a wonderful island southeast of Melbourne, famous for their penguin colony. The Penguin Parade is an amazing experience if you want to see thousands of penguins invade the island at dusk. But this really doesn’t get you up close with them. And not even during daylight!

The trick? Go out to the Nobbies at the very end of the island. There are always a dozen penguins hiding under the boardwalk, as they have decided to stay home for the day.

Use your selfie stick to get some really good shots. You will probably get as close as I did.