Work with me

Wanna have my help with content creation, strategy or let me portray your business in my channels?

I add value to your story

10 years ago, I created winners using catchy, selling copywriting. Today, real stars provide honest value to their customers already before they talk about sales. My job is to make you the hero through creative content and successful social media strategy.

Influencer marketing planning

I research and plan campaigns with influencers. After almost 2 years in the business, I have built a solid network with social media personalities, many that would provide great ambassadorship for your brand. My work is to plan campaings, follow up the activity, calculate revenue and increase awareness of your brand.

Strategic consulting

Transparency creates trust. Trust opens up for a long-term business relationship. I help you earn your future client’s confidence through simple activity on social media. Do it right from the start and your followers will create the buzz around you themselves!

– What channels to choose?
– What to say?
– How to grow your sales?
– Research, planning and follow-ups.

Content creation for you and your unique channels

Let’s communicate your brand in a way that attracts attention and engagement! I create a story around your brand, and make sure to add something of value to your audience so that you stand out and attract loyal followers. I work for almost all industries and I’m available for projects worldwide as long as I write in English or Swedish.

Let me share your story with my audience

My 10-year experience as a copywriter, creative director, professional public speaker and now travel personality, makes me the perfect person to communicate your destination or brand with my audience.
Let me tell your story on my social media channels with engaging words and beautiful footage. Or why not getting featured with a video?

I always work with dramaturgy, heart and finesse.


I set up the blog in fall 2015 and my Instagram account is since then consistently growing. My followers are mostly based in USA (28%), Scandinavia (8%), UK (7%), Australia (7%) and Canada (7%).  See my Instagram page for the current number of followers.