The tours around El Nido will take you to pretty lagoons, amazing beaches and stunning rock formations both above and underneath the water.

El Nido is located on the very northwestern tip of Palawan Island and the beauty comes with all the surrounding islands, so you will need to take an island hopping tour to properly enjoy the islands.

Matinloc Shrine, one of our favorite stops on Tour C.

How the tours work

The tours are named A, B, C and D and they are priced the same – no matter what tour operator you choose. They usually pick you up from the hotel in the morning and you will depart from the El Nido Harbor on a charming filipno power boat with 15-20 guests. On each stop you will have about 45 minutes to 2 hours to explore depending on how much there is to see. Lunch is provided on one of the longer stops. Tours A and C offer great kayaking and snorkelling opportunities too. It’s a full day trip and you’re usually home an hour before sunset.

The A and C tours provide amazing opportunities to take a swim in crystal clear water and snorkel around!

What tour operator to choose

We used Northern Hope Tours and it turned out to be the best decision ever! They were extremely professional and friendly, and they picked us up from our resort with a delay of only 15 minutes, which is extremely punctual by filipino standards. This is extremely important as we’ve understood many tours leave with huge delays which leaves the guests with not enough time to explore all stops. But Northern Hope gave us just enough time on each destination and even provided a nice lunch buffet.

Marcy and I approaching the famous Big Lagoon, one of the highlights of Tour A.

What tour to choose

If you haven’t got time to do all the tours, I’d suggest you choose Tour A and/or Tour C. You will se pretty lagoons, amazing rock formations both above and underneath the water.

No person in sight! My wife enjoying the white beach on Helicopter Island. Survivor was shot here in case you recognize it.

What to bring

– Flip flops or aqua shoes! I actually managed without it, but it is highly recommended as there is a lot of sharp coral.
– Waterproof duffy bags. You will have to jump in to the water so if you have cameras or such, secure them in a waterproof duffy.
– Cash! There are some creative vendors out there on kayaks. They will come to your boat with everything you may require such as soft drinks and coconuts and it might be fun to buy. Lunch is included with Northern Hope so don’t worry about that.

One of many creative vendors selling coconuts and soft drinks to the boat tourists on the small islands. Obviously a huge boy band fan too!

Extra costs

– Kayaks at the big lagoon (300 PHP per person).
– Conservation fee on Matinloc Island (100 PHP per person).