If you’re aiming to maximise a holiday with sunshine and pampering, look no further. There are just some things you should know before you get there.

Traveling to the United Arab Emirates is easy and fun. And it’s an unforgettable experience. The customer service might be the best in the world and the sunsets are to die for. If you’re aiming to maximise a holiday with sunshine and pampering, look no further. There are just some things you should know before you get there.

1. FaceTime and Skype won’t work in UAE

Yes, that’s right. You can not use FaceTime or Skype, even if you’re connected to Wifi. Any call will be blocked as there are federal regulations in the UAE that require you to have a contract with the national carriers before you can connect. If you are planning on staying longer than a couple days, get a UAE phone number. If you can spare calls and just stick to messaging, iMessage and WhatsApp will work totally fine for sending regular texts and pictures.

My beautiful wife showing off too much of her beauty for Abu Dhabi standards! But we weren’t arrested. On private property, such as hotels, there is no dress code.

2. Think about how you dress and don’t kiss

The UAE is an extremely hot country. It might be tempting to have minimal clothing, but unfortunately there are rules on how to dress in public. Women have to cover their knees and shoulders when in public areas such as beaches, streets or shopping malls. The exception here would be the beaches in Dubai where a regular bikini is allowed. Overall the city of Dubai is much more liberal than the other emirates, except for the kissing part. Save it for the hotel room.

3. Burj Khalifa is amazing, but skip the very top floor

Burj Khalifa is a must when visiting Dubai, but it can be quite an expensive experience if you aim for the tickets to the very top floor. The best view comes with the ”regular” ticket which allows you to get out on the terrace. It will also give you the best photo opportunities. Book your tickets in advance and choose an off-peak hour for the best result. We came early in the morning and loved it.

Traffic looks very complicated but it’s dead easy. This photo is taken from the viewing deck of Burj Khalifa.

4. Renting a car is easy

If you’re planning on seeing other parts of the country than just the location of your hotel, a convenient option is renting a car. All cars are automatic, roads are wide and signs are written in both Arabic and English. Ubers and Taxis are a good option too if you’re in the city, but if you plan on driving between cities, self-driving is a better option. The fuel is always 2 AED per liter which is cheaper than water.

5. Bring a doctor’s certificate with your medicine

This does not only apply for UAE, but it is a thumb rule for traveling and many travellers still aren’t aware of it. Entering a country with medicine or drugs can be an offence, depending on what kind of medicine you’re bringing. Always carry a doctor’s certificate with your medicine, no matter if you’re flying to UAE or USA.

6. Visit the Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque is breathtaking and one of our most memorable travel moments ever! Best time to go is during sunset. Women can borrow an Abaya (dress with headscarf) for free, it will however get very hot inside of it as it is made of polyester.